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Computer guided dental implants - a new revolution in accurate, lower risk dental implant placement

Dental implants have been placed for decades and are the cutting edge treatment for replacing missing teeth. In the last few years advancements have become available that allow us to take accurate 3 dimensional x-rays in sites where we wish to place implants. As the implant needs to be placed fully into the bone, it is important for us to know exactly the size and shape of the bone available. Traditional 2D dental x-rays do not show the shape of the bone, and do not allow for accurate measurements in order to judge the size of the bone. Taking this a step further, with access to proper 3D imaging, we can now place the implants virtually on the computer, merge a 3D model of your teeth that we can capture using pictures of your teeth taken with our CEREC system, and then design a guide which allows us to place the implant in the exact area, at the exact angulation, and the exact depth that is required. This allows us to be sure that we have done everything possible in order to maximize success of the implant procedure, as well as minimize risk. Many dentists are using 3D imaging to improve outcomes for dental implants, some are also using surgical guides. However, until recently surgical guides have added significant expense to the procedure and were only used in certain cases. We have now invested in 3D printing technology in our office which allows us to make surgical guides in house, which cuts the cost to about 25% of the cost of guides fabricated at outside labs. We can now use 3D printed surgical guides on all cases without increasing your cost.

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