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Continuing to upgrade our technology with a new digital x-ray system

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technologies and incorporating them into our practice in order to improve patient care without increasing cost. Recently we have begun transitioning to a new digital x-ray system. Our previous digital system involved the use of reusable plates, which were packaged in disposable packaging to ensure cleanliness for each patient. This worked well for many years, however as technology changes so do we. We are pleased to have introduced Carestream digital x-ray sensors into our practice. These sensors allow us to use 30% less radiation per image compared to our previous digital system. They also provide a much more crisp image which pops right up on the computer rather than needing to be scanned in. Think of it like the difference in a photo that was taken on a digital camera vs one that as taken on film and then scanned into the computer. This allows us to detect decay more accurately, using less radiation and with no difference in cost to you. A real win-win! We do still have our original system as well which we will use from time to time as some patients require very small size images, due to having a very small mouth. Our other system is available in very small sizes for these patients so that we can still accommodate everyone.

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